Preferred Donor Arrangements

Donations to NFAW Ltd are tax deductible under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997—the NFAW is the only broadly focused women’s organisation to have such status in its own right.

Further, under the Act the NFAW can share this status with compatible women’s organisations. This means that tax-deductible donations can be made to the NFAW, with donors expressing a preference for the purpose for which their donations will be used.

The NFAW encourages other women’s organisations or projects to access this assistance to tax-effective fund raising, by seeking the Board’s agreement to such an arrangement. The Board looks favourably on organisations and individuals that don’t have large financial resources at their disposal, with most donor funds established being in the $5000 to $40,000 range.

Establishing a Fund

There is no standard application form to establish a fund, but an application in writing outlining the purpose or the fund should be made to the NFAW Secretary. The fund cannot be for political lobbying but can be to cover matters such as an organisation’s administrative costs, public education, and research.

The NFAW requires a minimum establishment donation of $200 to the fund. Current NFAW administrative charges are 7% of donations, to contribute to management costs. Annual audited statements are provided, as well as more frequent updates on balances held.

Gifts in Wills, how to support the NFAW

Here is an easy guide to the questions and answers you might seek in relation to making a provision for a Gift in your Will to the NFAW.

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