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Gender Lens on the Budget May 2024

NFAW is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of Australian women, including intellectual, cultural, political, social, economic, legal, industrial and domestic spheres, and ensuring that the aims and ideals of the women’s movement and its collective wisdom are handed on to new generations of women. Each year the Social Policy Committee of over 30 key policy and advisory participants, work together to publish a deep dive on the Gender Lens Report.

The NFAW Gender Lens on the Budget project commenced in 2014 after the Abbott Government abolished the Women’s Budget Paper, although the gender impact analysis underlying the principle of gender responsive budgeting had not been evident for many years before that. This Government has signalled that it understands that policies affect men and women differently. The NFAW Gender Lens reports show how academic rigour, commentary, and high-level policy discussion are necessary to ensure that women are supported and not excluded in the building of equality in our society.

NFAW is a feminist organisation, independent of party politics. These position papers have been developed by NFAW’s Social Policy Committee to summarise Budget measures of importance to women in Australia.

Press Release: NFAW Responds to the 2024 Federal Budget >> 

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We analyse and advocate on trending, national, and long-term policy issues that impact the status and wellbeing of women and girls in Australia.

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