A Critical Milestone Achieved: National Foundation for Australian Women Welcomes Australia’s Gender Equality Strategy

The National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW) welcomes the Australian Government’s release of its first-ever gender equality strategy, Working for Women: A Strategy for Gender Equality.

NFAW President Jane Madden said it was an urgent necessity for the Australian Government to integrate gender equality across all facets of its policy and decision-making.

“The inception of the gender equality strategy marks a significant advancement,” she said.

“We’re encouraged by the government’s adoption of gender-responsive budgeting, a key mechanism to address and mitigate persistent gender disparities,” Madden states.

Since 2014, NFAW has conducted incisive gender analyses of federal budgets. The Strategy arrives as a critical milestone, half a century after the Australian Government declared gender equality a paramount objective.

Ms Madden said the Strategy’s ambitious actions were encouraging and noted the improvement in Australia’s Global Gender Gap ranking, ascending from 43rd in 2022 to 26th.

“It’s guiding principles and monitoring, and evaluation framework will be essential for measurable progress,” she

Professor Helen Hodgson, Chair of NFAW’s Social Policy Committee, said the Strategy was a vital first step.
She said, “Sustained and bipartisan support for gender equality initiatives at all government levels will ultimately determine its strength in addressing the persistent and complex inequalities across our society.”

The NFAW commended the forthcoming inclusion of superannuation contributions within the government-funded Paid Parental Leave, starting July 2025.

“Recognising paid parental leave as a fundamental workplace right, akin to annual leave, is critical. Correcting this discrepancy is long overdue,” asserts Professor Hodgson.

The NFAW calls on the federal Opposition and all parliamentarians to endorse the Strategy wholeheartedly and for tangible, committed funding from the Australian Government to ensure the Strategy’s success and longevity.

About the National Foundation for Australian Women:
The NFAW is a leading advocate for gender equality in Australia, dedicated to promoting and protecting women’s rights through policy advocacy, research, and education.

For more information, contact:
Jane Madden, NFAW President – 0406 384 672
Sally Moyle, NFAW Vice President – 0400 167 927

7th March 2024