The NFAW comprises an Association of members, and a Company limited by guarantee.

Membership of the Association is open to individuals and organisations who pay an annual membership fee. Association members have the right to nominate four members to the Board of the Company. Membership of the Association is strongest in New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

The Company, NFAW Ltd, was incorporated in 1990. It manages the finances and administration of NFAW, and company members comprise Board Directors of the day, plus some founding members and previous directors invited to remain as members of the company.

At its inception, there were two Trusts established: the Pamela Denoon Trust and the Education and Research Trust. The Pamela Denoon Trust made many grants over the 15 years of its existence to fund research, educational projects and other activities, such as the Australian Women’s Archives Project, before being wound up in 2005. The Education and Research Trust continues, with NFAW Ltd being the Trustee.

Donations to NFAW are tax deductible. NFAW Ltd is not exempt from income tax, although the Education and Research Trust is.

The Constitution sets out the objectives (Clause 1.1, Purpose of Company); it provides for the appointment of Directors (Clause 8 ) and their powers and duties (Clause 9).

The Annual General (AGM) meeting of NFAW Ltd is usually held in November of each year.

The NFAW Ltd Constitution is here

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