Gender Lens on the Budget 2021-2022

      Reproduced with permission of Cathy Wilcox


NFAW is a feminist organisation, independent of party politics. These position papers have been developed by NFAW’s Social Policy Committee to analyse the 2021-2022 Federal Budget and its impacts on women and therefore on the community and the nation as a whole.

This year, as women are demanding change, and the economy is reshaped for a post-COVID world, the Government had the opportunity to invest in real structural solutions which would boost female employment, address the gender pay gap and create real productivity gains through higher wages in the female dominated care industries workforce. We break down each aspect of the budget to see how women will fare.

Papers are available here in both PDF and Word (download).

PDF       Overview

Word     Overview

PDF       Portfolio overviews and recommendations

Word     Portfolio overviews and recommendations

PDF        Fiscal outlook

Word      Fiscal outlook

Machinery of Government

PDF     Machinery of Government

Word    Machinery of Government

PDF     Respect at Work

Word    Respect at Work

Net impacts on particular groups of women

PDF      Young women

Word    Young women

PDF      Older women

Word    Older women

PDF      Migrant and Refugee Women

Word    Migrant and Refugee Women

PDF     Women with disabilities

Word   Women with disabilities


PDF     Business tax

Word   Business tax

PDF     Personal Taxation

Word   Personal Taxation

PDF     Superannuation

Word   Superannuation

Infrastructure Spending

PDF     Social infrastructure

Word   Social infrastructure

PDF    Physical Infrastructure

Word    Physical Infrastructure

PDF     Climate change and energy

Word   Climate change and energy

PDF     Housing

Word   Housing

Social services

PDF    Social services – Income Support

Word   Social services – Income Support

PDF     Social services – Indexing

Word   Social services –Indexing

PDF     Social services – Pensioner Loan Scheme

Word   Social services – Pensioner Loan Scheme

PDF     Social services – JobActive

Word   Social services – JobActive

PDF     Social services – Parenting payments

Word   Social services – Parenting payments

PDF     Social services – Parents Next

Word   Social services – Parents Next

Education and training

PDF     Early childhood education and care

Word   Early childhood education and care

PDF     Schools

Word   Schools

PDF      VET

Word    VET

PDF     Higher Education

Word   Higher Education


PDF      Paid Parental Leave

Word    Paid Parental Leave

PDF      Work and family

Word    Work and family

PDF      Working from Home

Word    Working from Home


Word    STEM


PDF      Health

Word    Health

PDF      Aged care

Word    Aged care

Reducing violence against women and their children

PDF      Violence against women

Word    Violence against women

PDF      Community Legal Centres

Word    Community Legal Centres

International aid

PDF      International Development

Word    International Development

Editors and Contributors

PDF       Editors-and-contributors-list

Word     Editors-and-contributors-list





NFAW acknowledges the support of HESTA and Women on Boards for the 2021-22 Gender Lens on the Budget.