Gender Lens on the Budget 2019-2020

NFAW is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of Australian women, including intellectual, cultural, political, social, economic, legal, industrial and domestic spheres, and ensuring that the aims and ideals of the women’s movement and its collective wisdom are handed on to new generations of women. NFAW is a feminist organisation, independent of party politics. These position papers have been developed by NFAW’s Social Policy Committee to summarise 2019 Budget measures of importance to women in Australia.


*Papers are being posted as they are finalised. Please check back later if the NFAW analysis that you are interested in is not yet available.*


Overview by Marie Coleman AO PSM

Brief summary of Budget impacts on women

Net impacts on particular groups of women

Impact on young women

Impact on older women

Impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women

Impact on migrant and refugee women

Impact on women with disabilities

Machinery of government for women

Revenue and fiscal outlook




Climate change and health


Social services

Social services

Job seeker and income support

Education and training

Early childhood education and care


Vocational education and training

Higher education


Award safety net

Paid parental leave

STEM and non-traditional work



Reproductive health

Aged care

Reducing violence against women and their children

Reducing violence against women and their children

Economic and financial abuse

Community legal centres



International aid



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