NFAW Preserving Women’s Gender Lens History

Telling stories of women’s history – draw from lessons of the past.

NFAW is developing a major initiative to create an interactive digital history wall of ‘Australia’s Gender Lens Champions through the Decades’ as a traveling museum exhibit to mark 100 years of Gender Lens Champions. 1922-2022. ( This will mark the founding of the Country Women’s Association which gave women the chance to fundraise for various causes, support local communities and of course socialise).

Drawing from the rich archival records maintained by NFAW, historic stories, journal entries, gender champions, historical moments and the women behind these amazing, courageous lives will be brought to life in a digital media wall. This wall will be built to enable a traveling exhibition that will tour around Australia for five years, providing digital education materials that can be downloaded to take back to the classroom.

We plan to start development work this year on scoping the first national Gender Lens digital exhibition and will seek sponsors and government support.

The digital exhibition will include both the project technologies such as High Definition, and the delivery technologies that make it interactive, engaging, and immensely enriching in its storytelling ability, with a flexible panel design that will allow it to scope up or down to fit within a variety of floor spaces in museums and art galleries around Australia.