Australian Women’s Register Crowdfunding

Hello everybody! We need your help!

The Australian Women’s Register which is maintained by our Australian Women’s Archives’ Project  has been included in Melbourne University’s inaugural crowdfunding project, run by the team at Advancement.

The project’s slogan is ‘Without women, we only get half the story’. I’m attaching a flyer which has all the important information, including that all important url for making TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations – – click this and you’ll also see a video of Helen and I being very earnest (and for some reason Advancement didn’t edit the bit with us cackling like two old hens!).

The campaign is very important to us, not only for this project, but for what it could mean in the future as a way to raise funds for discrete projects (such as archival rescue) but also as a way to demonstrate to the University that the Australian Women’s Register is a truly worthwhile project, valued by the community, and that it will be worth the University’s while trying to find a philanthropist to secure its future!

We are looking for any help you can give us in promoting the campaign to your networks. Please forward the attached flyer with a few sentences in your own words about why you are supporting the campaign.

Please consider making a donation too – we’d love to get some early donations in to avoid that empty tip jar/restaurant scenario, where people won’t donate if there’s not much there!  The donation page will operate until 5 October, when the campaign ends.

Cheers,   Dr Nikki Henningham | Research Fellow Co-editor, The Australian Women’s Register


Without women, we only get half the story! Help us create 50 new fully researched stories during our crowdfunding campaign this September-October. Visit         eScholarship Research Centre | Academic Services Level 2, Thomas Cherry Building The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia T: +61 3 8344 7803 E: |